K9 Heights Owner, Eric Allport with his rescue dog Roxy

About K9 Heights

We understand the problems that develop in homes, from jumping and barking, to fear and aggression.

You can have results. You can walk your dog without being pulled down the street, you can rely on your dog and enjoy their companionship. Stop being frustrated and contact us today. K9 Heights is dedicated to resolving even the most serious canine issues.

Canine issues don’t always happen overnight. Sometimes they accumulate over time. Our success comes from educating owners. We focus on teaching them how to form the most beneficial bond with their dogs through training, consistency, and structure. We educate dogs, regardless of breed, age, or temperament. Our approach is focused in teaching obedience, building confidence, and providing them the necessary skills to excel in today’s home. Serving the Detroit Metro Area.
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“So lucky to have crossed paths with K9 Heights. Life with my husky was very trying until both my dog and I got whipped into shape. I can't thank you guys enough for everything you have done for us and can't wait till my new puppy gets to work with you. Let me say your services are worth every penny. The results are fantastic!”

- Vicky G.


"Excellent trainers and training. In addition to basic training needs, we had some serious behavioral issues with our Golden Retriever. K9 Heights did an outstanding job correcting his issues and working with us so that we now have a delightful, loving pet. We couldn't be happier and are so very grateful for their time and efforts. They are awesome people who love what they do- training well behaved, happy dogs and their owners."

- Laurie D.


"Unbelievable!! Before going to K9 Heights Dog Training our dog would have a feast off the counters. Twice we had to induce vomiting!! Our daughter said, "Is this Charley?" Our son said, "Maybe they cloned him", LOL. You guys are certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to dog training. We tried everything, corrections, yucky spray, timeouts, catching him in the act, nothing worked."

- Heather G.

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Call today! K9 Heights Dog Training strives to educate clients and help them through each step of the process. You can reach us via email, phone call, or text. Whether you have serious behavioral issues and feel like your whole life is structured around your dog, or you need help with the basics, we will get you results.

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