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At K9 Heights Dog Training we believe that the relationship and bond we have with our dogs is as important as the commands they learn. You will learn how to create that bond, and use it in conjunction with training, to help you and your dog live fuller lives. You’ll look forward to walking your dog, you won’t dread how they act when company comes over, you can walk by other dogs and people without your dog straining at the leash. We are balanced trainers who help you establish a healthy dynamic with your dog, so you can achieve profound, lasting results.

What sets us apart is our ability and willingness to find and use what works to help each individual dog succeed. Whichever K9 Heights Dog Training service fits your needs, we promise to be with you every step of the way. Our experienced staff offers the best in personalized customer care.

About K9 Heights Dog Training

Eric Allport | Co-Owner & Head Trainer

Eric has been training dogs and working with owners since 2010, improving the lives of both. He is a balanced training professional whose goals include helping your dog, meeting the individual needs of your family, and building a training program to address all of your concerns.

Eric’s experience includes working with countless dogs over the years to modify a wide variety of behavioral issues, as well as extensive work rehabilitating aggressive dogs. He believes that all animals deserve a second chance and in the right hands can flourish and live full, rewarding lives.

Eric enjoys teaching basic and advanced obedience, helping owners learn how to use obedience and training to create the right dynamic with their dog to achieve results. He, along with all K9 Heights Dog Trainers, is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

Eric’s experience doesn’t stop with companion dogs. He has also trained dogs for narcotics and bed bug detection, as well as service dogs for tasks including:

  • PTSD
  • Autism
  • Brace and Balance
  • P.O.T.S.
  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • & more

While living in Colorado, Eric worked with prison inmates teaching them to train dogs in obedience, service work, and scent detection. Many of the dog’s the inmates worked with were rescues. Seeing the progress and redemption of both dog and human is extremely fulfilling.


Yana Lustina | Co-Owner

Yana has been training dogs for six years, and had her own dog training business in Chicago before joining Eric Allport in co-owning K9 Heights. She utilizes a scientific and balanced approach using operant and classical conditioning as well as building a solid working relationship with the dog. Any great teacher needs to be a better student, and Yana is always striving to learn more to grow as both a trainer and an educator.

She has a passion for working with and teaching others and nothing is more fulfilling to her than watching her clients and their dogs succeed. She goes above and beyond to make sure clients are set up for success and get the follow-up that they need and want. The best-trained dog will only be as successful as the person on the other end of the leash, and Yana loves to set both up to win.

She has worked in dog rescue as well as a dog trainer on an in-home, private session, group class, and board and train basis. She has trained dogs in both basic and advanced obedience, dogs with behavioral issues, service and therapy dogs, nosework and detection dogs, as well as a K9 Search and Rescue dog. She is currently training her dog Riker in protection as well as her other dog Jean-Luc in K9 Search and Rescue.


Danny Thompson | Trainer

Danny works with our K9 Heights Board and Train dogs. He has his own working Doberman, whom he is training in obedience and protection sports, and a companion Yorkie Maltese, who loves treats and naps.

Danny enjoys working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments – from large to small, and from difficult to eager – and wants to help owners successfully integrate their pets into their lives. He has been with K9 Heights since 2019, prior to which he worked in the pet industry for three years.

K9 Heights Dog Training Testimonial

“If anyone has a dog that needs to learn a few things, or a lot of things like mine does, you need to talk to K9 Heights! They are the best in the business, hands down! Stella, Rosa, Anna, Rainbow, James and I have made great progress in a short time span. Thank you, K9 Heights!”
– Wendi J., Troy, MI

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