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K9 Heights Dog training and behavior blog has been back and going strong.  We still have a lot in store! My favorite new feature is going to be the Question and Answer format we’ll be offering. If you have a dog training issue or a dog behavior concern that has been causing problems in your home, this is the place to come. Whatever your issue, tell us in the comments below, be sure to follow us and comment on posts if you’re on Facebook or YouTube. If you’re reading this on our new and improved website, you can use the contact form to send us your request. We will pick a topic from the requests at least twice a month to cover in a blog.

What Else is New and What’s Next?

  • Better blogs with videos to help demonstrate teaching your dog commands. Why to teach the command, how to teach the command, all broken down into easy to follow steps. We will also teach you how to ensure your dog responds reliably.
  • Dog training tips to help you build the best dynamic with your dog, which means a happier household for everyone.
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    Dog behavior tips that address the most common issues our clients, and all dog owners, face. We’ll also delve into more severe dog behavior problems.
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    Training Transformations. Learn more about the dogs we work with, see what the training looks like, and see what type of results can be achieved when you train focusing on what matters the most. Communicating with your dog effectively, establishing the right dynamic, and looking at dog training as a way of interacting with our dogs, rather than just something we do for a short time each day.

How Does This Help You?

You can enjoy your beloved companion. You can stop worrying what they’ll do when company comes over. You can stop dreading your walks because your dog drags you onto lawns, over to people and other animals. Our dogs are our family. In so many homes, that family has plenty of love, but a lot of dysfunction as well. You can get past that, to a more fulfilling life for everyone. There is no magic wand when it comes to dog training and dog behavior. No quick fix. It takes repetition, being consistent and, often, changing our paradigm. Makes sense when we think about it, right? We may like what we’ve been doing. It feels comfortable, it’s usually easier, we may even feel like it’s simply the right way to do things. But if that way of living has gotten us into a bad situation, we have to try something new.

Want some help on where to start? Check out my short blog series on the keys to a successful dog:

Key To a Successful Dog Part 1

Key To a Successful Dog Part 2

Key To a Successful Dog Part 3

The simple changes outlined in these blogs can make a huge impact on your life. They’re a only a beginning, but a powerful one.

I’ve seen the most difficult dog behavioral problems resolved with commitment to the right solution. Whatever dog behaviors you’re dealing with, from annoying, to bad, to dangerous, they are only symptoms. The root cause often lies in what’s going on in the dog’s environment. Even in cases where dog behavior originates from genetics and individual biochemical issues, environment plays a huge part in managing and resolving the problem. What we do, how we structure their environment, is the lynch pin in our dog’s behavior. Join us moving forward and you’ll see what an impact these concepts and actions have on your life and your dog.

Welcome to the K9 Heights Family!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and watch our video. Remember, let us know what you think and what your dog training and dog behavior questions are. The goal of K9 Heights is to help you get the results you want. To make this blog as useful as possible, we want your help. Your feedback makes a huge difference. We are excited about what’s next and look forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to send us your questions.

Eric has been helping owners regain their lives and enjoy their companions for 10 years. Eric's experience runs from rehabilitating aggressive dogs, tackling the toughest behavioral challenges, and training service dogs, to training narcotics dogs and hunting dogs. As well as anything in between. A Michigan native, Eric learned his craft apprenticing under two long time trainers in Colorado and went on to teach dozens of other trainers as well as countless pet owners.

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Posted by Randall Tyrer

Hi Eric, hope all is well Nancy and I would like to go to some classes or walks ,KC is doing great we are just worried about the influenza.

Hope it changes get a chance send email or call

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 7:40 PM

Posted by Holly Stover

Thank you Randall! We have a pack walk August 18th at Kensington Metro Park at 11am. Our alumni class schedule will be posted on our client resource page.

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 8:06 PM

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