Diets and Dog Training:
They're Really Not that Different

Those Doggone Diets

There are so many types of diets. Think about all the "shed the pounds" diets and fads around. How many friends tell you about their meal planning service that for just $10 a day you can have a new life! What about cheap gym membership for just $10 a month you can get fit, and every week it seems like there's a new diet book that will "change your life", but how many of these weight loss tactics actually work and keep the weight off?

How many diets have you tried and later quit because they were boring, or there was no accountability. If you've done these diets and found success, kudos to you! You've got grit and perseverance. For the rest of us, when we rely on simple willpower, our time management, and dedication we unfortunately fall short, especially if we're winging it on our own.

If you fall in the second group, nothing quite works like a personal trainer and/or dietitian. Someone working with you to custom tailor a plan for your needs. When making lasting changes we don't want a quick fix diet, we want guidance to create the lifestyle changes necessary, and someone to hold you accountable to your commitment to get fit.

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Shedding the Bad Habits

If we compare this to dog training it's the same thing. There are the quick fixes, the bargain priced trainers, or even the self taught methods. While none of them are wrong, there are few that will stand the test of time and behaviors. Dog training isn't about simply training the dog, its about implementing a lifestyle change to create lasting meaningful change. 

We work with you to help you correct behaviors that lead to bad habits. That's why our board and train programs are two parts, training the dog, and teaching you how to implement the structure when your dog comes home. Often times our actions have unknowingly fed our dogs bad habits, and fostered the behavior problems that they are today. They may have seemed like they just came out of the blue, but there were probably indicators somewhere that you missed. We'll help you find and correct those, no judgements, just support and direction. In order to shed the habits and keep them gone, you need someone to not only provide you with motivation and support, but also hold you accountable. 

Don't Quit on Your Dog

When you start a diet, you don't go into it with the intention to quit. Normally you have the best intentions. You want to get healthy, and invest the time and effort into your well-being.

Dog training is the same, your dog's well-being isn't something you can ignore. Don't give up on providing them, and yourself, the best life possible. Letting bad behaviors slide only allows them to get worse. No one wants dear Aunt Sally to get injured because the dog is jumping on them, or have their dog sick from ingesting something they shouldn't have eaten. No one wants to have to take their dog to the vet because it got out of the house and hit by a car, or to have to re-home their dog because their behaviors were too much to handle. If this happens, we haven't held up our end of the bargain with our pets and made their well-being a priority.

Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down

At K9 Heights we love working with clients who see the need for change and are willing to work to make it happen. Training isn't easy, it isn't a magic wand. It will take time, commitment, and follow-through on your part. If you are ready to create lasting, meaningful, change and make your dog's well-being a priority, we'll be there to help. Think of us as your doggy personal trainer, helping you not only shed the bad habits, but also showing how to create the habits to prevent issues from arising.

Our programs include online client resources, to grant you access to training handouts and videos. As well as access to alumni classes, giving you a chance to work your dog in a new environment, around other dogs, with the help and supervision of one of K9 Height's trainers. Our programs aren't just once and done, once you are part of the K9 Heights Family, your part of our family for life. We want to help you and your dog reach new heights, not only now, but as an investment in both you and your dog's futures.

What Stage Are You In?

Are you treating training like it's the latest and greatest diet fad, or are you actively working with a personal (dog) trainer to help you and your pup get into shape? Are you utilizing all the training resources available to you, or are you having your "cheat" days and need help getting back on track? Remember to use those online client resources for training videos, handouts, and sign up for Alumni Classes!

Let's get started! Sign up for your In-Home Evaluation today, check out our resources page, come to alumni class this weekend (Link on Client Resource Page), watch videos on our Youtube Page or client resources page. Take 5 minutes or an hour, and do something today that can benefit your dog for years to come.

Eric has been helping owners regain their lives and enjoy their companions for 10 years. Eric's experience runs from rehabilitating aggressive dogs, tackling the toughest behavioral challenges, and training service dogs, to training narcotics dogs and hunting dogs. As well as anything in between. A Michigan native, Eric learned his craft apprenticing under two long time trainers in Colorado and went on to teach dozens of other trainers as well as countless pet owners.

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