Adventure is Out There! 

Nose before you go!

Sniff out Pet Friendly Places

Being able to take your pet on vacation is a wonderful thing, but it does take some planning ahead. Do your homework! Sniff out dog friendly places to take your pet while traveling. This includes finding pet friendly places to eat, sleep, and play! To make your life easier call ahead for the hotel and find one with some green space for your pets. Some hotels even have convenient pet stations for cleaning up after your pet. It never hurts to ask!

Be a Paw-sitive Role Model

When you're on the road you want to make sure that your dog is an example of a Canine Good Citizen. They don't need their CGC certificate to travel, but as a responsible pet owner please set a positive example.  This includes only taking your pet in pet friendly places, not taking a sick pet into a public space, cleaning up after your pet at all times, keeping them leashed and under control, and having some form of identification on your dog.

Be Prepared and Know the Laws

 Another thing to look into if you are taking a long road trip, is what requirements you need for your pet to travel across state lines. Its always good to have at least your dog's vaccination record and a copy of proof of rabies vaccination on hand when going anywhere with you pet. 

Pack for a Ruff Ride

The Essentials

When packing your pet's suitcase make sure you not only bring the essentials such as food, water, bowls, leash, poop bags, and of course don't forget the tennis ball. But also remember to pack the what if's.

Roxy's Doggy Bag
Roxy's Doggy Bag
What Are The "What If's"?

The what if's are preparing you for the worst case scenario such as what do I need if my dog gets hurt, my dog's collar breaks, if we're asked for vet records, if we're asked for vaccinations or proof of rabies vaccinations. If your traveling across state lines this is especially essential for pets because each state has different laws about dogs. 

Clean Up on Aisle 10

Poop happens, but so does other things. Dogs can get car sick, upset stomachs, and the stress of traveling can upset our pup's systems. We try our best to prepare for this. If your dog is constantly car sick talk to your vet about possible options before you travel. Always be prepared and keep cleaning supplies in your car.

Car Clean Up Kit
Clean Up Kit 

Ready to Go!

Most importantly, don't forget to pack your camera to capture the memories with your pup and enjoy time with that adventure hound.

"Those that teach us the most about humanity aren't always human" - Donald Hicks

Ready to Roll! Driver Drives, Dog picks the Music

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