Board & Train Program

Want your dog trained but don't know where to start, are faced with time constraints, or severe behavioral issues? We can help!

With our Board and Train option you will receive training through our comprehensive follow up program to ensure success once your companion returns home. We also offer weekly alumni classes to get additional guidance and keep your skills sharp. You will have a dog who responds to you, is a pleasure to walk, and makes the right choices!

This program teaches:

  • • Sit
  • • Down
  • • Stay
  • • Come
  • • Place
  • • On & Off-Leash Walking

We work your dogs in a home environment and in real world settings. Behavioral problems such as jumping, nipping, resource guarding, aggression, and more are addressed during the Board & Train Program. Program options also include in-home follow up sessions and alumni classes.

In-Home Dog Training

K9 Heights Dog Training offers In-Home dog training packages for every need. From basic obedience and manners, to more serious behavioral concerns such as human and dog aggression, we are here to help all in the comfort of your home. 

Our experienced staff will work with you to develop an individualized training program that will help both your dog and you reach your full potential.

Private Sessions @ K9 Heights

K9 Heights also offers private session packages at our facility. The program is customized to you and your dog's needs. You will have our support every step of the way!


K9 Heights Dog Training Testimonial

“The only people I would wholeheartedly trust with Stryker. Eric and Rachel have been a part of our lives for over a year now. They have known Stryker since he was just a little pup and have helped both him and us. We have learned to develop him into an amazing asset to our family. Whether it is constant obedience reinforcement, or protection work, they excel at all ends.”

– Jason S., Westland, MI

Have Questions?

Call today! K9 Heights Dog Training strives to educate clients and help them through each step of the process. You can reach us via email, phone call, or text. Whether you have serious behavioral issues and feel like your whole life is structured around your dog, or you need help with the basics, we will get you results.

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