• Do your dog’s behavioral issues need a serious reboot?
  • Does your dog or puppy need to learn obedience and manners, but you don’t know where to start?
  • Does your schedule not allow you to spend to the time it takes to teach your dog basics behaviors?

Whatever your need may be, K9 Heights Board & Train Program is the perfect choice.

At K9 Heights Dog Training we know that there is no magic wand to make the perfect dog. In fact, the core of any obedience issue is the relationship we have with our dog. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the dog does for our trainers, it matters what the dog does, reliably, for you.

With our Board & Train program, we address behavioral issues, teach your dog to be level-headed and to engage their brain, rather than just operate in stimulus response mode. We do this through structure and by teaching solid obedience commands that play a part in obtaining the right dynamic. But, that’s only part of the key!

What separates the K9 Heights Board & Train Program from the rest?

It’s crucial that you receive the help you need to create the right relationship with your dog, to form a dynamic that sets everyone up for success.

We achieve this through our comprehensive follow up program. We provide you with a 90-day protocol to ensure training is locked into your dog’s long-term memory and becomes habit. Your Go Home lesson is given at your home to ensure your dog is working well in their own environment.

A brown dog sits on their owners lap and poses for the camera.You also receive in-home follow ups as part of our Board & Train program. Each of our clients is encouraged to attend alumni classes to practice their handling skills amidst distractions and to maintain their dog’s training. We maintain contact with you during the reintegration period so that no question goes unanswered.

When you participate in the K9 Heights board and train program, you are a member of the K9 Heights Family for life. We do whatever it takes to ensure your success.

K9 Heights Board & Train

Boarding dogs will be trained on all obedience commands. They will also receive socialization and training in the community around humans and dogs, learning to focus on you and not become overwhelmed by environmental stimuli. Dogs also will be worked with on any behavioral issues from jumping, barking, digging, to ignoring you when outside.

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Standard Package, 4 Week Board & Train

Contact Us Today For Quote!(includes E-Collar and lifetime alumni classes)

  • All commands off leash
  • Behavioral concerns are addressed
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Come
  • Walk at side without pulling
  • Place command with duration

Aggression and Premier Obedience 6 Week Board & Train

Contact Us Today For Quote! (includes E-Collar and lifetime alumni classes)

  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/stay
  • Come
  • Walk at side on and off leash
  • Place command with duration
  • Higher level obedience, including return to heel command, emergency down, and Canine Good Citizen testing and Certification with owner.
  • Aggression and fear rehabilitation

K9 Heights Dog Training Testimonial

“Unbelievable! We had previously tried everything; corrections, yucky spray, timeouts, catching him in the act, nothing worked. Before going to K9 Heights Dog Training our dog would have a feast off the counters. Twice we had to induce vomiting! After coming home our daughter said, “Is this Charley?” Our son said, “Maybe they cloned him!” You guys are certainly the cream of the crop when it comes to dog training.”

– Heather G., Novi, MI

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Call today! K9 Heights Dog Training strives to educate clients and help them through each step of the process. You can reach us via email, phone call, or text. Whether you have serious behavioral issues and feel like your whole life is structured around your dog, or you need help with the basics, we will get you results.

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