Dealing with dog aggression can be overwhelming. Clients often come to us having structured their entire lives around avoiding an outburst. It doesn’t matter if your dog is dog aggressive or human aggressive, K9 Heights Dog Training will do an evaluation and give an honest assessment, as well as create a suggested protocol and training tools.

Our experienced trainers have worked for years with private clients and rescues to help aggressive dogs learn the skills they need in order to have a better life. Owners no longer need to be prisoners in their own homes. With any training, the owner plays a huge part in determining the dog’s behavior and with dog aggression, this is especially important.

Stop living in fear of your dog’s next outburst. You can have your life back.

How do you benefit from the K9 Heights Dog Aggression Program?

Through practice and consistent expectations, you can have a dog who can walk through your neighborhood without reacting to strangers and dogs. Whether you choose the In Home Training or Board & Train programs, you can begin to reclaim your life and your home, you can stop being on edge every time someone knocks on the door or comes into your house. We work closely with you to learn and understand what steps you can take to begin changing these behaviors. We guide you through the crucial path of establishing the right dynamic for success, how to gain relevance with your dog, set appropriate boundaries, reinforce desired behaviors, and set fair, consistent consequences for negative behaviors.

How does your dog benefit from the K9 Heights Dog Aggression Program?

A better, fuller life. Your dog will learn to be more level headed instead of reacting to stimuli. They will be calmer, and happier, instead of being in an unhealthy state of arousal.

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For serious behavioral modification including aggressive dogs, we recommend the following programs:

Evaluation with Lesson (60 minutes): $150
Premier In Home Training Package: 6 lessons (E-Collar included) + 6  Months access to classes Contact us today for a quote!
Aggression and Premier Obedience 6-week Board and Train: Contact us today for quote! (includes E-Collar and lifetime alumni classes), includes training the following:

  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/stay
  • Come
  • Place command with duration
  • Aggression and fear rehabilitation
  • Walk at side on and off-leash, return to heel command
  • Higher level obedience, including return to heel command, emergency down, and Canine Good Citizen testing and Certification with owner

Boarding dogs will be trained on all obedience commands on and off. They will also receive socialization and training in the community around humans and dogs, learning to focus on the owner and not become overwhelmed by environmental stimuli. Dogs also will be worked with on any behavioral issues from jumping or barking to submissiveness or aggression.

K9 Heights Dog Training Testimonial

“Holly, my 4 year old German Shepherd, was having issues with people entering into our home. I was at the point that I knew I needed some help. I reached out to K9 Heights and after just a few weeks I have seen much change in her behavior. I have also been able to watch other members training progress. K9 Heights puts so much dedication into each and every dog they work with. It is amazing the skills they show and teach each dog and member. I am truly grateful to be a member of the K9 Heights family. You guys are the best!”

 Patti S., Eastpointe, MI

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